About me

Welcome! I am Yan Zhang, working as a research assistant in the Robot Learning & Interaction group at Idiap Research Institute. I am currently working on learning and optimal control for robot manipulation. My research interest lies in the intersection of robotics, optimization, reinforcement learning and control theory. My previous research topics cover: deep reinforcement learning, imitation learning, simulation-to-reality transfer, variable impedance control, and optimal control in robotics.

Updated News

Selected Research Projects

Please check the Projects part of this website. Some selected projects will be shown in short in the future.

Work Experience

  • Robotics Research Assistant, Idiap Robot Learning & Interaction Group (Martigny)   Oct. 2022 - Current
    • Research Topic: learning and optimal control for robot manipulation
  • Robotics Research Assistant, Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Xi’an)   Sept. 2019 - June. 2022
    • Research Topic: robot learning and optimizing compliant manipulation skills with human demonstrations
  • Robotics Research Internship, Tencent Robotics X Lab (Shenzhen)  Oct. 2021 - Feb. 2022
    • Research Topic: Sim2Real transfer techniques for quadruped robot learning animal-like locomotion skills in the real world